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All about newsletter email marketing!
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All about newsletter email marketing!

Newsletter email marketing is the most common type of marketing. It has the potential to either be a runway hit with your customers or yield no return whatsoever, depending on your strategy. The success of your newsletter entirely relies on how you design it, its relevance and the timing of it all. Email newsletters are a big part of every brand’s marketing strategy, so if you haven’t sent one yet, let’s read about everything you need to know about sending email newsletters in this blog. 

Table of contents:

  • What is an email newsletter?
  • Structure of an email newsletter. 
  • Importance of email newsletters.

What is an email newsletter?

It is an email that is sent to your subscribers regularly to keep them informed about the latest news and updates about your product or brand. Depending on the kind of content you have to share and the frequency in which subscribers expect your newsletters, you can send them on a weekly or monthly basis. 

In simple terms, email newsletters are a neatly put-together piece of content that’s created to engage your subscribers and update them with new information. 

The structure of an email newsletter.

Establishing a structure for your newsletter is crucial for its success. Most newsletters stick to format, so subscribers are familiar with what to expect. 

  • Dimension - Newsletters can be either long or broad, not both because it makes reading the newsletter a tiresome process. 

  • Template - Your template should reflect your brand and identity. It should be attention-grabbing, without compromising on the newsletters readability. 

  • Header - Create an email header which fixates on the company logo. You will want to put the main message there as the first thing that readers see is the header.  

  • Body - Your newsletter should serve a purpose, that is to give weekly or monthly updates to your subscribers. Keep your design and copy minimal, you don’t want your email to be cluttered.

  • CTA - Ensure that every call-to-action button or link is put in a way that stands out. Remember a CTA gives more purpose to your newsletter, so people know what to do. 

  • Footer - Wrap things up with a footer that links to your social profiles, your company information, and a link to unsubscribe, to allow your subscribers to stay in touch with you and connect. 

  • Subject Line - A short, informative, and witty subject line is necessary to get your readers to open your email and read it. 

The importance of email newsletters.

  1. It is a constant source of traffic.
  2. It generates considerable savings.
  3. It’s easy to measure a newsletter's performance.
  4. Newsletters are independent of third parties. 
  5. Emails are easily leaked to other online marketing strategies.
  6. It delivers personalized experiences to your customers. 

Email newsletters are incredibly important. The most used form of content marketing is via email newsletters. Newsletters can make or break your content marketing strategy. If done the right way, it could benefit your business in many ways. Click on and know more about email marketing and its pros. 


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