Deal Structuring
Deal Structuring

Deal Structuring

At MAGAS, our deal officers’ source the best structure for having an appropriate investment deal. Deal structuring is a critical process and is quite complex. We consider every aspect of structuring a deal in its best form and craft a mutually beneficial transaction between both the parties by recognizing…

  • Legal regulations
  • Tax settings
  • Business consequences

Our officers have evaluated the three methods for deal structuring – Merger, Asset buy & sell, and Stock purchase. We outline the laws and obligations of/for both the parties (and their attorneys too). An apt formation of a deal leads to a successful investment deal. Reach out to us for a free consultation today.

MAGAS is here to modify your debts, structures and operations in those difficult times of your business’s financial uncertainties. Deal Restructuring is a segment of debt advisory that focuses on reforming the structure of debt that you already own. This could be where the team would negotiate to give away as little equity as possible or modifying the terms of a loan to avoid an upcoming loss, often in return for more interest or one-off fees.


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